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We are looking for you.


Our chaplain, Revd Canon Gary Wilton completed his ministry with us on 30th April 2021 to return to the UK to take up a post in theological education.  We will be formally advertising for a new chaplain soon.

During the vacancy the congregation will be in the care of the churchwardens David Morgan and David Bargioni.  Services and occasional offices are conducted by the Revd Peter Hales and other clergy.   



Events at Saint Bart's
We hold a wide variety of events throughout the year !
This year, we hope to start art exhibits to our palette...


Photos from this year...

We thank @Candidecamera for all the Dinard Opening photos, reprinted with permission

Among other gatherings this year, we held a Garden Party in honor of the Queen's 70th Jubilee.  It was a jubilatoire BBQ!  With Dinard Opening,  we welcomed the fabulous and friendly young musicians from the Royal Academy of Music, the "Ensemble Renard",  in August.  They opened our imaginations  with their repertoire of rare works.


Linfield and Co  offered free scones and tea. in delicate China teacups.  Very British!


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Lunch

After a Sunday service in honor of the Queen, old faces

and new joined us around the table for a lovely BBQ.

What a lot of interesting people:  an architect, a police-

woman, a professor of Medieval Art History, and of course,

the brilliant and funny founder of THE ENGLISH LIBRARY

in Dinard. The best company in the North of Brittany!


Over 160 people attended The Ensemble Renard (Royal Academy of Music) Concert on August 9th


...And stayed on for tea and scones in the garden.  The idea behind the

Tea-Time Concerts came from our wonderful organist, Eric Cordé. 

We are hoping he will do one himself someday soon!




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